“Where’s the best place to sell my……”

Ask Where To Sell and we'll advise you - totally unbiased and without any vested interest.

Most of us have been in the situation of having something to sell - but not knowing where is the best place to sell it. The local sale room? eBay? National auctioneers? They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

The clever seller knows who specialises in which items - because they achieve the best prices. And Where To Sell can tell you who and which. We can suggest the best way to sell your goods and chattels - completely impartial advice from a totally independent source.

How it works

We constantly try to keep up to date with who is most interested in achieving the best prices in specific categories of personal assets, and we make that information available to you.

You'll find the list of c.300 categories on our Make an Enquiry page.

For some categories we may also be able to recommend a specific auction house or buyer.

Look at our Specific Advice page:

How much does it cost?

Our service is free, but when you make contact please mention Where To Sell.

Is it safe?

"Why should I let you know that I have something precious? You might be burglars!"

But you don't have to provide your name and address (although if your details are already in the public domain, your browser may try to enter them automatically). If that is unwelcome, try using a different name and a postcode near to you. All we require is an identifier, a postcode and email address.

I'm interested; what should I do next?

If you want to make a general enquiry, go to our Make an Enquiry page; select your item or category; and we will provide a free list of our suggestions nearest to you.

If you want specific advice go to our Specific Advice page.

If you are an auctioneer or purchaser and you would like to join our list, please go to our Contributor Login page.

We hope you will find our new website very helpful. We think it's comprehensive, but if a relevant name is missing, please get in touch - admin@wheretosell.co.uk