Terms & Conditions

Where To Sell Ltd

Terms of Business from 1st January 2020

In these Terms of Business “Enquiry” means a request from a prospective seller to Where To Sell Ltd. for information from Where To Sell Ltd. representing the opinion of Where To Sell Ltd. regarding the best place to sell a specified item.

“The best place” means the most likely to meet criteria of price realised and convenience for the seller.

Information is only provided subject to our Terms of Business which include the conditions shown below.


1. Acceptance of the services of Where To Sell Ltd. is deemed acceptance of the conditions of our Terms of Business.

2. We make every effort to maintain high standards of integrity and reliability and to provide information to the best of our ability. However, any information from Where To Sell Ltd. is provided free of charge and without any liability on the part of Where To Sell Ltd. its officers and employees.

3. No variation of these terms and conditions will have effect unless confirmed by us in writing.

4. We reserve the right to alter our published Terms of Business at any time.