Bone of Contention

We are indebted to Dr Laurie Slater for taking the trouble to point out to us a small problem with our item  “Ivory for sale? Understand the rules.”  (August 2016).

It appears that the illustration is not entirely appropriate.  Dr Slater writes “Whilst the rest of the contents of this page are sound, the picture you have shown is an item made from bone, not ivory. The small black dots are the lacunae through which blood vessels would have passed. Given the subject of the page I thought you would want to know.”

Indeed we do, and we’ve removed the illustration.

When you’ve read enough about Ivory, do visit Dr Slater’s stunning website  which wonderfully illustrates the history of medical, surgical and dental practice.  Even if you have little technical interest in the thousands of items,  each page is aesthetically spiffing and well worth a browse.

Bone of Contention

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