Actually, Where To Sell is not a scam and it really is free.

Auction HammerWe’ve been slightly surprised when a few people have let us know (in one case rather tetchily) that they would prefer to have nothing to do with Where To Sell. Being grown up we carefully quelled any hurt feelings, and instead tried to establish how the non-participants had reached this decision. After all, we think our service is quite sensible; it appears to meet a need; it benefits both seller and buyer; and it’s free.

Puzzled, we tried to ask polite questions but it was not easy to obtain much in the way of an explanation. In the words of Lerner and Loewe there was a clear tendency to “take a position and staunchly never budge”.

Our understanding was helped a little last week when we read in the excellent Antiques Trade Gazette a lead story headed “Antiques trade targeted by scam guides again”.


So although probably this won’t be read by those to whom it is gently directed, may we emphasise that Where To Sell is not a scam; it really is free; and thankfully most of those in the business of antiques and collectables have been very welcoming and enthusiastic.

Perhaps when our advertisements have been running for many months the dissentients will realise that they may have been a little hasty; we’ll be very pleased to welcome them back.

Actually, Where To Sell is not a scam and it really is free.

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