Unusual Collections

Did you see the excellent article (Daily Telegraph, 22 January 2016) by Nick Curtis headed “Collecting for the love and the money” ?


Very interesting, often hilarious, with the usual element of “there’s nowt so queer as folk” – but it prompted us to consider again (as we do several times each week) just which categories we should include in our database. We have to admit that at present we have no plans to add Pez sweet dispensers, Super Soakers, Hot Sauces, or soaps. Not to say that we won’t, but given our already quite wide range of headings we think it would be sensible to wait until several of our users request new categories.

As always, if you are a user or a contributor, and you would like us to add a category please send us an email – admin@wheretosell.co.uk

Unusual Collections

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