Another eBay problem…

Did you miss an interesting article in The Guardian (Saturday 19th August 2017)?


Alternatives to eBay


The Guardian’s “Consumer Champions”  (Miles Brignull and Rebecca Smithers) were providing help to somebody who had a problem involving eBay and PayPal.   The complainant sold a Fender Stratocaster (an electric guitar, m’lud)  and the parcel tracking showed that it had been delivered to the buyer’s address by Parcelforce.

However, the buyer lodged “disputes” with eBay and with PayPal in which he claimed that the guitar case was received sans contents.  A fine case, but no Stratocaster.

Apparently, Parcelforce would not launch an investigation until the Buyer completed a “missing item form”, and he had little incentive to do so having already been refunded by PayPal.

The Consumer Champions write “This is a massive problem and we have received several other similar complaints in recent months”.   Doubtless as an obiter dictum they add that “fraudsters have realised that there are easy pickings to be had by buying expensive items on eBay and then claiming they didn’t arrive” and they advise “never sell an expensive item on eBay without demanding the buyer pays cash in person”.

Alternatively, through Where To Sell you can find a reliable purchaser and possibly a much better price.

Another eBay problem…

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