That Badge . . .


Car Auction Houses UKWe received some intrigued enquiries about the badge which we featured last month.

(“Cars, Automobilia, Ivory and Typewriters”  10th March 2017)

It’s a rare souvenir from when Allied Forces  were based at Fontainebleau (HQ AFCENT) in the 50s and 60s. The Automobile Club Interallie Des Officiers was one of many extramural activities for the substantial (2500+) multinational  headquarters staff. History does not relate whether membership was strictly for officers; one suspects that if the automobile was sufficiently interesting the rules were flexible.

The enamel badge was made by Chobillon – a  manufacturer of badges and medals in Paris – and rather than languish in a display cabinet it now adorns a rather splendid road going 5 litre sports racer.

That Badge . . .

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