Do Bears Picnic In The Woods?

antique Teddy bears at auction houses UKMost pre-owned teddy bears aren’t sold until the owner has shuffled off this mortal coil. Generally, your teddy bear is your loyal chum and your familiar (or even your consigliere if you had that sort of Family) so the idea of flogging him/her is unworthy (although one might make an exception for “Ted”).

Teddy bears are much more reliable than a pretend friend; one of our colleagues says that he had an imaginary companion but had to let him go because he was such a dweeb.

Anyway, the market for well-loved teddy bears (and some of them have clearly been subject to considerable passion) continues strong, and if – regrettably – you have one for sale there are numerous potential buyers and auction houses who will be immediately interested; currently  Where To Sell lists 299.


Recent major auctions have included –


Arthur Johnson, Nottingham –


Dee Atkinson & Harrison,  Driffield –


Eldreds, Plymouth –


Fryer and Brown, Cobham –


Lacy Scott & Knight,  Bury St Edmunds –


Lodge and Thomas,  Truro –


Wright Marshall in Cheshire –


. . . and then there’s the well known specialist and valuer Daniel Agnew who in addition to private sales organises consignments through Special Auction Services at Newbury –

As part of his teddy bear & soft toy auction service Mr Daniel normally offers a free valuation.  Find him at

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And do bears picnic in the woods?  It’s a disappointing childhood if they don’t.

(The illustration shows Alexander, aged c.70,  courtesy of Chad Valley “toymakers to HM the Queen”)

Do Bears Picnic In The Woods?

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