Your Preferred Buyer – Nearest or Best?

Now with one click you can switch between most convenient or most interested.

We’re continuing to develop the Where To Sell service.

In its original form Where To Sell listed buyers and auctioneers firstly by level of interest, and next by distance.  So if you enquired about somewhere to sell your barometer (for example), the first names on the list would be those nearest to you who are always interested in barometers;  then the next names would be those less interested, but again in order of distance from you.

Now we’ve installed a “toggle” – which means that when you make an enquiry, you can choose how to list the results – either by distance from you, or by enthusiasm for the article you wish to sell.

So if you find that your nearest auction house is only “sometimes interested” in what it is you have for sale, with one click you can instantly switch to the nearest person who is “always interested” – and probably you’ll find that they’re not too far away.

Your Preferred Buyer – Nearest or Best?

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