Takes all sorts. . .

When we were putting together our new website we cast around to collect the views of those who might be inclined to use it. Generally our proposals were well received, but one of our respondents took against the text. He wrote

A sort of slightly patronising, chummy, “we are a cut above the common herd tone of voice“. . . .which may irritate the nostrils of most readers. Perhaps better to tone it down and stick to “we are professionals offering a very good service“.

Yes, well, we think he has a point.

Not regarding the style of the copy (his critique to an extent reflects personal taste and the level of dyspepsia) but the opportunity to contribute to a website and offer constructive criticism. We so often see ghastly websites which completely fail to tell us what we want to know – or perhaps try to tell us, but are impossible to read.

If you have any opinions about our Where To Sell website we’d love to hear from you – good news or bad. And if the writers or designers end up sobbing in the loo – tough.

Takes all sorts. . .