Cars, Automobilia, Ivory and Typewriters.

Car Auction Houses UK

A hint of spring, and the classic cars market is burgeoning, fuelled by funds released from personal pensions, profit-taking as the FTSE 250 presses on nervously into the unknown, and the grey pound wanting to have the fun that it missed in its youth.

Currently Where To Sell is listing 334 buyers and auctioneers looking for consignments of classic and collectors car.  Time to find a good home for your Dad’s Alvis?

Ivory again

Meanwhile, Ivory is still by far the most popular category on Where To Sell.

In February, nervous owners wanting to clarify there position made an amazing 44% of  all Where To Sell enquiries.

. . . and Typewriters, too

At present we can offer no explanation as to why there has been a sudden significant increase in enquiries about Where To Sell typewriters.  A correlation with early spring cleaning, perhaps?

Cars, Automobilia, Ivory and Typewriters.

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