Too Much Information About Antiques & Auction Houses On The Internet.

Antique Collection Information On The Internet.

Best estimates now suggest that there are now over 1 billion websites, and they are being created at the rate of 300-500 per minute. Apparently it is very difficult to agree definitive figures because while new sites are being uploaded, others are becoming inactive; a visit to is at least interesting if inconclusive.

So aren’t we lucky? All that information readily available, our questions answered in a moment. A little hunt and peck on the keyboard, a couple of mouse clicks and voilà.

Except it ain’t voilà. Google offers you several million results and the people you expected to be obviously on the first page are not there. What’s happening? Too much information, that’s what; and too many websites jostling for centre stage.

Search engines appear to be very clever and sophisticated, but the principle is very simple. Given an enquiry (a search request) they will send out their crawlers (also known as bots or spiders) to try to match the request as closely as possible.

So if you ask Google to search for 543 you will receive c.250 million results.
But request 01296 632543 you will have 97 results – the more specific your request, the more the search engines will ignore alternatives.

Sadly, too many websites are not designed to help the search engines. So unless your enquiry matches exactly what is on the website, the crawlers may struggle to provide what you are looking for. Helpfully they list millions of possibilities but they leave you to improve the search criteria.

Given the amount of information added to the internet each second this situation is unlikely to improve until psychic forces can be harnessed.

Luckily, there is a solution – it’s called database management which means;

– predicting what information is likely to be required.
– collecting that information into a convenient and accessible form.
– being ready to analyse the information and make it available on demand.

When applied to the Internet it’s as though somebody has spent a considerable time working with the search engines to exclude the unhelpful and condense the valuable results on your behalf.

And that, dear reader, is exactly what we do at Where To Sell.

– We build and maintain a database of people and what they wish to buy or offer at auction
– You ask us where is the best place to sell your antique or collectable.
– We put the two of you in touch.

You don’t have to be involved with bots or spiders – just those nice people at Where To Sell.

Too Much Information About Antiques & Auction Houses On The Internet.

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