Where To Sell Extends Categories.

We hope that generally our enquirers find buyers or keen auctioneers directly from our list of categories on the website, but sometimes they contact the office for help. Mostly this is because they can’t find the best heading for their item – and sometimes that prompts us to research and add classifications.

Recent direct enquiries have included:

  • African carved wood
  • Antique bottles
  • Antique samplers
  • Asprey Polo bracelets
  • Church furnishings
  • Coin meters
  • Hunting books
  • Lace
  • Lord of the rings collectibles
  • Magazines
  • Mechanical calculators
  • Medical equipment
  • Nursery furniture and prams
  • Porcelain dolls
  • Radiogram
  • Tents
  • Victorian railway carriage
  • Videos
  • Whisky

. . . and as a result of similar enquiries we’ve recently added Amber, Jade, Puppets and Rocking Horses.

Sometimes the article is so unusual that it isn’t practical to allocate a special category – the Victorian Railway carriage, for example. But what we can do is refer such enquiries to people who are more knowledgeable than us, and who will be happy to come up with some ideas – even if they do not specialise in that particular item.

Where To Sell Extends Categories.

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