Where To Sell Enquiries In 2016.

In its first 9 months, the WTS website received over 36,000 page views.

Of our 273 categories,  books and furniture were by far the most popular.


Other categories most visited were (in order)

3    China

4    Paintings (all)

5    Stamps

6    Silver

7    Clothes and accessories

8    Jewellery

9    Records and record players

10  Ivory

11  Porcelain

12  Clocks

13  Prints

14  Coins

15  Cameras

16  Glass and crystal

17  African artefacts

18  Rugs and carpets

19  Musical Instruments

20  Watches

21  Ceramics

22  Pianos

23  Cars (collectors)

24  Typewriters

25  Wines and spirits

26  Brass

27  Dolls

28  Computers & electronics

29  Chinese art

30  Bottles


(The ranking reflects both the number of sellers in the category and  the extent to which they need help in finding where to sell. For example, we suspect that Typewriters’ high ranking reflects the vendors’ frustration in finding a sales outlet rather than the number of machines for sale.)

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Where To Sell Enquiries In 2016.

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